I’m writing in response to a recent article, by Isabelle Kerr about how the language of young people are destroying the future of the English language. I firmly disagree with her view as I believe young people use their language to help divide themselves from others and strengthen their relationships. She may disagree with our language because she does not understand it.  Therefore if she doesn’t understand the words then she won’t understand how they are useful to us young people.

Isabella Kerr refers to slang in her article as “linguistic calamities”, however she does not address how it can be useful. In my life, slang can be used as it helps people know where different people are from. If a person from a different area said “cuz”, “blud” or “bro” it would make us aware that they are not local. Firstly, slang strengthens the bonds between the community and it also helps the outsiders become more unique. Using slangs allows people from my community to recognise people from a similar background and who I can trust.

Isabelle Kerr is against the language that we kids are using. I know this because she goes on about this in several occasions. One of which is when she says ‘As a member of the younger generation … I can only apologise .’  This is wrong, she shouldn’t be ashamed of her generation’s language but instead be grateful, happy, she should be ashamed of herself for neglecting it.  The language we youth use is often extremely clever. The language is particular to our age, our location, our friendship groups, even what football team we support. Isabelle Kerr “apologies” for the language of young people. She claims to be young herself, however, at 20, she is already sounding more conservative than my dead great grandmother. 

Isabelle Kerr ignores how some slang can be sophisticated and useful. Isabelle Kerr refers to words like ‘vom’ which I admit is not useful. However, if we look at the acronym yolo it describes how you should enjoy life with dangers without fears of risks. This would be useful as there isn’t any word which can represent this very witty and creative side to slang. Additionally Isabella Kerr moans about words like “twerking” but would you prefer it if there were no new words created to describe something new?

She then ends her conclusion by saying how the language is already good and shouldn’t be changed and says ‘Shakespeare will be turning his grave’. Shakespeare himself wasn’t a very formal person and created words during his time some of which is used now. As he wasn’t very original he created a large range of words e.g. majestic, epileptic, circumstantial, he would be grateful delighted and positive about the language. He would feel negative towards the language and create words which are as unique as his own. In a pathetic and rushed attempt to persuade the audience she says ‘the Oxford dictionaries are awarding these dismal words a degree of permanence’ that is both unrealistic and unnecessary.

Isabella Kerr went on to say ‘these words give out the completely wrong impression’ , this isn’t true at all in fact the language represents the friendship which a group have, if you to use their distinguishing language only the group will understand which gives their friendship a more unique and special touch, it also dis-includes everyone else so they wont understand what they are talking about and as well the obvious factor which is that it is quicker.

People have different backgrounds and different tones and words may signify were there from and keep the background strong as well as helping others who may not know where from recognize their background. This is special and Isabella Kerr is fighting against keeping peoples origin alive this is wrong and every simple minded of her.

For so long I was fooled and deceived. I thought I had found my perfect teacher, who I felt comfortable around, who would help to persevere and achieve the goals I could never anticipate, I had found my iconic key. Geography, the subject which you go to explore the world and learn of its biggest fascinations. The finest teacher and subject, what baloney! When first acquaintance with the demon it disguised itself as an angel and when I feed it trust and reliance it chewed it up and spit it back in my face. An innocent student only looking for the grades foiled by the teacher punishing even though already disciplined,  bullied and victimised the situation should be condemned as a crime. Geography as subject is terrible, the repetition is quantity is amazing it’s far too boring and I quickly fell fed up of the subject, the bells from the Big Ben us more fascinating. Coast to harsh realities it’s all boring. Why not hang yourself and prevent all the trouble.

The space in the room enlarges, everyone near me distances abandoned by my colleagues as the ship sinks everyone watches as bystanders, the light out side demolishes I can longer see forward. Everyone near me distances the echo of chatter plays in my head. The looming monster size increases, my stomach was full butterflies, my head is all over the place my ability to focus was destroyed the room shakes and the tables lay on their backs, my sweat drop from chin, I reach out for the door but it continuously moves out of reach.

Everything stops, the tables turns over back to normal, only by the sound of the pips, anger is now left on the surface, I feel ashamed of my self my rage consumes me for a moment wicked thoughts toy with me taunting me, I snapped out of it, I can’t inflict physical damage onto her, I realise how harmless she is, she can’t touch me as I’m bigger and more intimidating . With no hesitation I said ‘this is where it stops’, she couldn’t dictate to me no longer I was in control from now on.

It’s the first lesson back. There’s a normal balanced and more positive moral and behavior, the room is a fixed size the demon is only nothing but an irritating pest who can no longer enlarge, and the room doesn’t shake anymore. In class she no longer gets to me and now I distanced her and she can’t touch me. Her punishments no longer gets to me and generally I don’t obey them. I make as least amount of contact and dialogue as possible but do what I have to do in the lessons and depart . She fills she’s smart but actually lacking more than she actually realises and fails to get through one successful lesson. A victory has bumps and covering my hatred over Geography will have to be one. Learning geography is one more step that will lead to glory even the demon can prevent it now and that’s what I will do no matter how I hard it’s going to be. Doing so I will be beating her and winning

She conveniently taught me an unintended lessons to never let anyone change who you are is the most important thing about anyone can do. The other message is that don’t rely on anyone so that when you get too close to someone you are not left vulnerable no matter who they are relying on

The  memories are so clear,  I can feel the heat, the watery salty water dripping down my face and all over my chest and the rest of my body, its boiling but I love it, the sun never seemed to hide, my family comforts me and I never feel homesick, I even feel at home, the kids play football outside enjoying themselves, laughing when they one of their skills go to another level and they skill up each other, I watch and I find it funny and interesting they ask me to play and agree. I play and enjoy myself. The game finished the sun has finally hibernated.  After I’m done I go back home and my legs and my arms are no longer responding,  my stomach assaults me and so I know its time to eat. The food is lovely, it’s so original and different in a good way, because the culture is different from England’s , I love the food its special and it tastes sweat, it’s an delightful,distinctive,sweat and tasty taste. I have made up with my stomach and so I go outside in garden it’s so much cooler there than the breeze is relaxing,  the perfect temperature, so I sit down and relax sit there lie down for hours, with the wind being my perfect companion.

I arrive back to that same country several years later . There are vast more amount of cars in the city, the city is more smoky and polluted. Its more crowned and populated, the technology has improved. Buts it’s not only that it feels different, the family which I adored and left twice the size of me is somehow shrank. The football pitch which me and friends played in until we couldn’t play any more is the size for kids. My friends now play now PS3 and now they no longer go outside to play football, but instead study more in their rooms

The vivid memories of a beautiful city and intangible land has been dismantled. What was reminded as a cleanest road I had ever seen, now has more homeless on this one road then they are with homes, the pigeons lark around during the day and the rats during the night. I went into the fields I see crows attack the crops which must its hard for the farmers,I also see the chicken and how they are slaughtered, knowing that I begin to appreciate my food,I learn to do so.The litter from what I reminder doesn’t even exist , The people who live here I generally considered that they were all friendly and kind, but see the news and how violent and wicked people are. I also considered my country to be safe but people steal anything possible

But the forgotten but loved sunlight striking upon my chest, and sweaty salty liquid pouring down my chest, the cool relaxing night temperature comforting me until the sunlight tag in again. The disguised heavenly land appeared to be tropical like city.

It’s clear that memories which were not exactly true , a child fooled by his poor observations, brainwashed of his past and blinded by the harsh truth, heaven does not exist here for humanity lives here and so imperfection lurks. This is no heaven its Africa where I would still go to visit again, where the food gives a sense that your finally home,where sun shines for hours where you can be yourself and have fun, and when the moon finally tags in its sense of relaxation feels which that can never altered however old you get.

How do Shakespeare and the studied poets use literacy techniques to communicate their ideas about fate?

In this essay I will look at how Shakespeare, Shelley and Kipling use literacy techniques to communicate their ideas about fat, in the studied texts; Romeo and Juliet, A Song in a Storm, and Ozymandias. There are three main techniques that I will be focusing on, being metaphors, Shakespeare was in Elizabethan times and therefore Romeo and Juliet was written in that time, Shakespeare was every religious which was why he felt so strongly about it fate and religion in his poem. In this time  Song in the storm was in the written in the 18th century by Percy Bysshe Shelley which was the enlightenment era. Rudyard Kipling wrote Ozymandias during the war , which was why he felt everything good doesn’t last for every because war things that were treasure-able was destroyed and ruined.

Shakespeare uses metaphors throughout Romeo and Juliet in order to represents fate, one of the main examples of this is in Act 1 Scene 4 before the Capulet party. Romeo is talking to Benvolio about going to the party, and says “He who hath steerage of my course shall direct my sail”. This means God is his captain and controls his ship so he will decide his fate. This is clear as it suggests that Romeo is happy to give himself up to God, and that he is willing to follow the path that has been set for him, because he cannot change the fate that has been set for him. Shakespeare also uses a metaphor in the quote “my mind misgives, some consequence yet hanging in the stars”, as Romeo is looking into the heavens and sees something coming that he thinks will lead to: “by some vile forfeit of untimely death”, being an unnatural early death. Shakespeare is telling the reader here that Romeo has put his life into Gods hands. Furthermore, Rudyard Kipling always uses metaphors to represent fate in Song in the storm. The poem is about taking pride in your country and never giving up. Kipling is saying that if you start something, giving up would be turning your back on your country. Kipling uses metaphors to present fate in the line “Almost these mindless waters work”, suggesting that the sea out of the crew’s control, and that they do not have the power to alter their path, so they must carry on and let God guide them along the way. This can be linked to Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet because Romeo did not have control over his fate, and suggested that he couldn’t change the path that was set for him. In Kipling’s a song in a storm, the captain had decided that the crew couldn’t give up and that turning back was against the country and was like losing.

Shelley also uses metaphors to represent fate in Ozymandias. The poem sets the scene of this once great Kingdom and king Ozymandias, but now it shows how everything rots over time, and that this once great King could not outrun his fate. This is shown in the quote ‘two vast and trunkless legs of stone’, because a big statue represents a powerful and strong man which is now rotten, decayed and forgotten. Despite all three texts using metaphors, Shelley is the author who uses the least amount of metaphors to represent fate.

Iambic meter is used in Romeo and Juliet to represent the passing of time and that vast amount scenes happened in a short period of time, an example is that Romeo and Juliet met it each other fell in love instantly, the moment they laid their sights on each other and died within two weeks of that day (. The death of these two lovers, the death of Romeo and Juliet then buried the hatchet between the two families all because of the one look they set on each other. The beat also represents the almighty and inevitable fate of the two lovers, what’s deceived to be a perfect by the friar Lawrence is foiled by the almighty power an God and the path he set. The plan was give Juliet an antidote which will make her appear to be dead, and she will be put in an tomb and message would be sent to Romeo, and he will pick her up when he wakes up and runaway but the message wasn’t sent because of an disease, that been released, and friar Lawrence unable keep his balance unable to stop himself stumbling over but instead ends up arriving to Juliet unawaken and kills himself. This is an example of how you can’t stop fate and how God will ensure of it.

Iambic meter is used in Ozymandias to symbolized fate, to show that through the poem fate is inevitable and indestructible, and can’t be stopped. For example, iambic meter was repetitive throughout and never changed and was inevitable as of the story of Ozymandias, which was even though he was powerful, he was human and he could not outrun his ultimate fate which was death. A quote from Ozymandias that supported this was “which yet survive, stamped on these lifeless things”. Ozymandias thought he was invincible, untouchable as he thought he was immortal and that he would live for ever, but at the passing off time he died because he was touchable and was human.

The coincidence of when the servant invites Romeo to the party leads to love at first sight, killing and the death of the two lovers and peace and end hatred of the families.

Shakespeare reveals his preoccupation with fate with Romeo through the beginning of the play, in the prologue. In this first paragraph it shows at Romeo and Juliet will fall in love with each other and which will cause their death and bury the hatchet between the two families, Montague and Capulet. This is a method which is known as foreshadowing, which gives ideas about the future and is the most dominant example of this in Romeo and Juliet. A more dramatic foreshadowing moment is when Mercutio fights for Romeo’s honour and dies when Romeo then attempts to stop but ends up causing Mercutio death. Before he dies he then says ‘a plague of both of your houses’, this then does come true as Romeo, Juliet and others die as an result of Mercutio death.

The key changing moment of poem is also known as the Volta. In Ozymandias, the Volta is ‘And on the pedestal these words appear:’ this is the moment which everything changed, where Ozymandias started to crumble, before this he was almighty, powerful this was the past, possibly century ago and now his dead

The seas are relentless, uncontrollable and unpredictable and beyond the humans power as like the waves. The waves are repetitive I know this because of the constant use of ‘welcome fate’s discourtesy’ implying that the seas continue. The technique that is used here is the constant you use of the same words known as repetition. For example ‘welcome fate discourtesy’ this is technique is used to represent that the waves go on and on and isn’t effected of its, fighting and wars. This can be linked to fate because as like fate the waves are continuous and can’t be effected by surroundings and is in the hands of God this is like Romeo and Juliet and how Romeo is forced to fulfil his fate. This can also be linked to Ozymandias because like the crew in a song in a storm, he was unable to avoid his inevitable fate which was death.

As an summary Shakespeare and the studied poets use literacy techniques to communicate their ideas about fate by using metaphors, iambic meter and coincidence.



you have noticed you have been here for far too long

you realise its time to leave

but know they wont let you escape

hope is a fake reality

time is disintegrating

your family needs you to step up

but your running out of patience

and your slowly growing tired

your food tastes wrong

you can see your family striving

your smell reminds me of “the day”

your hands filled with sweat

you can hear the last words from you wise father

its your last day you can see your proud father congratulate you

the laughter in the background

and hear your mother praise your growth

the day is here

you certificate has been given

you have graduated

you a student in boarding school who has been for several years can now come home get a job and feed his family



Texting language is influenced by spoken language such as slang, vague language and informality. this language developed because of these key features because the way people talked together diverted into texting.

Slang is a key element that has made its way into texting for example cool, fam and brov. Slang is used by youngsters now used rapidly and fluently.

Vague language is when there’s less precise because the persona is thinking fast, for example stuff, thing,  pass me my stuff rather than book bag scarf and phone

Informal language is used situations which are more relaxed and casual.

Many people have different views of texting language,a lot of people including youngsters themselves feel that texting is lazy but others feel that its a quick and smart form of communication.

A lot of features in text originated speech but some features in spoken language today started from texting.LOL originally was abbreviation used by youngsters but has made its way into spoken language. LOL means laugh out loud, this started from texting and is now used in speech today. When the speaker uses LOL, they mean it as sarcasm.

Texting communication can be to unlimited distance apart, this would mean that the conversation used when they were communicating together would be transferred to texting, this would mean that the features would adopt itself on to the texting device


Flying Television

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